Bahrain Market Overview and National Commitments

We invite you to join us and attend this webinar titled “Bahrain Market Overview and National Commitments ” where we will discuss Bahrain Solar C&I Market in Focus. This webinar is sponsored by LONGi, organized by MESIA, and participated by many leading companies in the solar PV sector. 

As per the latest published MESIA Annual Solar Report, while Bahrain has only installed 10 MW of renewable capacity, the country is aiming for a greener future announcing late last year its plans for a net zero carbon emission target by 2060. The country had already put in place goals to reach a renewable energy target of 5% by 2025 and 10% by 2035. This kingdom of the Arabian Gulf has set a goal of 700 MW of renewable production capacity by the end of 2030, as part of its energy transition.

While renewable energy development in Bahrain is still in its infancy, it is expected to play an increasingly important role in the future, presenting greater opportunities for both the private and public sectors.


1. Latest market and policy developments and announcements.
2. Challenges facing stakeholders.
3. Net Metering policy and its impact on project execution.
4. Costing for Solar Projects in Bahrain.

5. Development and Long Term Financing considering Electricity Tariffs.


Tuesday, 10 January 2023 at:

– 13:00 Rabat, Algeria time.
– 14:00 Beirut, Cairo, Khartoum, Tripoli time.
– 15:00 Mecca, Kuwait, Amman, Damascus, Baghdad time.
– 16:00 Dubai, Muscat time.

Webinar Recording:

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يناير 10 2023

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Berlin time

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LONGi Solar
LONGi Solar
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Yellow Door Energy
Yellow Door Energy
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Clenergize Consultants
Clenergize Consultants
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Green Innova
Green Innova
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Speakers - المتحدثين

  • Denisa Fainis
    Denisa Fainis
    Secretary General @ MESIA
  • Ebrahim Radhi
    Ebrahim Radhi
    Co-Founder @ Green Innova

    Ebrahim Radhi is the Co-Founder of Green Innova, a company specialized in solar industry as well as energy efficiency. Ebrahim is a MPhil holder in industrial engineering from University of Cambridge, with more than 15 years’ experience in technical, technological and sustainability consultancy services. At Green Innova, he oversees the major projects with the key clients such as Bapco, Amazon Bahrain, EWA, UNDP, and many governmental entities. He holds several international professional qualifications in the energy domain. Ebrahim is also a visiting lecturer at American University of Bahrain.

  • Khaled Chebaro
    Khaled Chebaro
    Country Director, Bahrain and KSA @ Yellow Door Energy

    As the Country Director for Bahrain and Saudi Arabia at Yellow Door Energy, Khaled helps commercial and industrial businesses reduce energy costs and switch to clean energy without any upfront investment through solar leases / power purchase agreements (PPAs). He is currently focusing on establishing Yellow Door Energy in both Saudi Arabia and Bahrain and managing its full operations.

    He has more than a decade of experience in successfully delivering customer-centric solutions in the UAE and the Middle East. As a commercially astute professional, Khaled combines both his engineering knowledge and his business acumen to bring forth the best solutions for his customers.

    Prior to joining Yellow Door Energy, Khaled was a project manager an investment firm where he managed numerous solar PV projects in Jordan. Khaled also worked as a Senior Sales Engineer at ABB, where he negotiated and executed contracts with international and local contractors. He also held several technical and project management positions at Saudi Bin Laden Group and Siemens Canada.

    Khaled holds a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering and Management from McMaster University in Canada.

  • Omar Atiyat
    Omar Atiyat
    Sales Manager @ LONGi Solar

    Omar Atiyat is the Sales Manager at LONGi Solar’s Middle East branch. He has a background in electronic engineering and an extensive experience in delivering Megawatt scale Solar PV, and smart city projects in Jordan, Bahrain, and the UAE.

  • Shyam Yadav
    Shyam Yadav
    Founder and MD @ Clenergize Solar Consultants

    ” Shyam Yadav is the founder and MD of Clenergize Solar Consultants. He has grown the firm to be one of the leading Solar consulting firms in the region with over 700MW of projects in GCC alone. The firm has grown in the last 7 years with several landmark projects such as Pepsi, Aramex, Emirates etc. Shyam has a background in Engineering and oversees a team comprising of Technical, Financial and Legal experts who provide a one-stop advisory service to end users, developers and contractors in the solar industry. The firm is active in UAE, Bahrain, KSA, Europe and covers the scope of – Owners/Lenders Engineering, Design Packages, Project and Construction Management, Audits and Financial Advisory”

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