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Bifacial Photovoltaic Modules and Systems: Experience and Results from International Research and Pilot Applications

Partnering with the International Energy Agency Photovoltaic Power Systems Programme, a joint webinar about their latest technical report released on February, 2021, titled Bifacial Photovoltaic Modules and Systems: Experience and Results from International Research and Pilot Applications shall be conducted on June 29, 2021 in collaboration with MESIA.

With bifacial modules slowly taking over the traditional mono-facial technologies and providing more than 60% efficiencies from the rear side of a PV array, the future of bifacial cells seem promising. Furthermore, having many bifacial modules already deployed on ground, several degradation issues were discovered and many are currently actively being researched. To discuss this topic further in detail, the webinar shall gather experts from this field to discuss:

  1. The increasing market share of the bifacial photovoltaic technologies and the most suitable cell types for bifacial modules.
  2. Rating and safety standards, and the degradation issues specific to bifacial modules.
  3. The impact of cell and module innovation and optimized bifacial system designs on the LCOE.
  4. Summary of bifacial field test sites around the world along with examples of field results.



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يونيو 29 2021

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Dubai Time

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IEA – International Energy Agency
IEA – International Energy Agency
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Jinko solar
Jinko solar
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Trina Solar
Trina Solar
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Speakers - المتحدثين

  • Aasif Samadh
    Aasif Samadh
    Regional Product Manager @ Trina Solar Middle East and Africa

    Aasif Samadh, Regional Product Manager for Trina Solar Middle East and Africa; has a diverse experience in the renewables and environmental sector. He has been associated with the PV industry since 2012 and major part of his domain expertise was realized with some of the industry majors as MEMC and SunEdison Inc. He has contributed to various solar projects development in Asia and Middle East region since 2012.
    With a degree in engineering and program management expertise, Aasif joined Trina Solar as Technical Manager for the region and now defines portfolio of PV products, managing them for regional project requirements & applications.

  • Dr. Joshua S. Stein
    Dr. Joshua S. Stein
    Distinguished Member of Technical Staff @ Sandia National Laboratories

    Joshua S. Stein is a Distinguished Member of Technical Staff in the Photovoltaics and Materials Technology Department at Sandia National Laboratories. He currently leads R&D projects in the areas of photovoltaic module and system performance and reliability, specializing in modeling and analysis of new technologies and perovskite PV module bankability. He is the founder of the PV Performance Modeling Collaborative, represents the United States in the International Energy Agency PVPS Task 13 on PV Performance and Reliability, and is the director of the Perovskite PV Accelerator for Commercial Technologies (PACT). He has over 200 publications. Dr. Stein received a PhD in Earth Sciences from the University of California, Santa Cruz in 2000, and joined Sandia in 2001.

  • Dr. Radovan Kopecek
    Dr. Radovan Kopecek
    CTO and co-founder @ ISC Konstanz

    Dr. Radovan Kopecek obtained his Diploma in Physics at the University of Stuttgart in 1998. In addition, he studied at Portland State University (Oregon, USA), where he obtained a Master of Science in 1995. In 2002 he finalizes his PhD dissertation in Konstanz.
    Until the end of 2006 he was a group leader at University of Konstanz. One of the founders of ISC Konstanz, Dr. Kopecek has been working at the institute as a full time manager and researcher since 2007 and is currently the head of the Advanced Solar Cells department. Dr. Kopecek is since 2016 in the board of directors of EUREC (Association of EU´s R&D centers involved in renewables). He is co-founder of ATAMOSTEC in 2018 – an R&D center for desert modules and systems in Chile.


    Dipl.-Ing. Jörg Althaus is segment manager for PV power plant services at TÜV Rheinland. As long-time expert in the field of solar energy he represents TÜV Rheinland in various industry associations, presents at expert forums and has contributed to many international industry standards. Based in Cologne for 20 years he has international responsibility and seen many PV installations or factories around the globe. Meeting all sorts of different cultures and people in business or private travel is something he misses most when stationary for too long. As a scuba diver he enjoys entering the fascination of the underwater world to relax from the buzz of the ever accelerating world.

  • Mohamed Saady
    Mohamed Saady
    Head of Technical Services & Product Management Middle East & Africa @ JinkoSolar

    Mohammed has worked more than 10 years in the Middle East in power and energy fields, he was involved in technical support, project management and business development for many countries in the region.Mohammed has bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and master’s in renewable energy engineering from, he is also certified solar professional and project manager

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