Selection of 2P Tracker Technology for MEA Region in the Era of Larger PV Modules

With PV panel manufacturers moving towards larger solar PV modules, and the challenges caused by the difficult topography in the MEA region, what features are trackers manufacturers developing to address the challenges of the MEA region?

We invite you to join us in this webinar entitled “Selection of 2P Tracker Technology for MEA Region in the Era of Larger PV Modules“, where we will discuss the special design requirements for the MEA region, how can the tracking systems integrated with the Bifacial modules, and how Skysmart-2 will perform as most advance 2P Tracker solution. We will also discuss how SkySmart-2 enhances the LCOE performance.


1. Practical design challenges in solar tracking systems due to the large PV module format.

2. Special design requirements for the MEA region.

3. Bifacial modules combined with solar tracker.

4. The latest technologies in the PV trackers: SkySmart-2 as a solution. 

5. Enhancing LCOE performance in PV power plants. 


Monday, 28 November 2022 at:
– 10:00 Rabat, Algeria
– 11:00 Beirut, Cairo, Khartoum, Tripoli
– 12:00 Mecca, Kuwait, Amman, Damascus, Baghdad
– 13:00 Abu Dhabi, Muscat

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نوفمبر 28 2022

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Dubai time

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Jinko solar
Jinko solar
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TÜV Austria
TÜV Austria
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Speakers - المتحدثين

  • Amrendra Singh
    Amrendra Singh
    Technical Sales Lead in the MEA region @ Arctech

    Mr. Amrendra Singh is Technical Sales Lead in Arctech for Middle East and Africa region. He holds 15 years of diverse experience in Design and Engineering of Solar PV Module Mounting Structures, Project Management, Tendering and Technical Sales of Solar Trackers. Prior to joining Arctech, he has worked with major Solar EPC companies named Sterling and Wilson & Mahindra Susten. He is currently based in Dubai.

  • Mohamed Saady
    Mohamed Saady
    Head of Technical Services & Product Management Middle East & Africa @ JinkoSolar

    Mohammed has worked more than 10 years in the Middle East in power and energy fields, he was involved in technical support, project management and business development for many countries in the region.Mohammed has bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and master’s in renewable energy engineering from, he is also certified solar professional and project manager

  • Nour Hammad
    Nour Hammad
    Industrial Sector Inspector @ TUV Austria
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