Tiger Neo’s performance and financial and technical impact of N-Type technology

We would like to invite you to watch this webinar recording about “Tiger Neo Performance “ sponsored by  Jinko Solar, the world-leading solar technology company. In this webinar, we will discuss the performance of the Tiger Neo, while focusing on the N-Type technology and its financial impact.

Webinar Language: English


Part 1

 N-Type TOPCon technology

 Key Advantages of Tiger Neo

 Available Tiger Neo Portfolio

Part 2

 N-Type Modules Market Penetration

 Case Study: Technical Impact of Switching to N-Type

 Case Study: Financial Impact of Switching to N-Type

The Recording

Date - التاريخ

فبراير 24 2022

الوقت - Time

Dubai Time
13:00 - 14:00

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Email - الايميل
Website - الموقع
Clenergize Consultants
Clenergize Consultants
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Email - الايميل
Website - الموقع
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Speakers - المتحدثين

  • Abdullah Fattal
    Abdullah Fattal
    Sales Manager of the GCC region - JinkoSolar

    He is the Sales Manager of the GCC region at JinkoSolar. He has a total of 10 years in the energy sector including conventional and renewables sectors. Abdullah is going through his MBA – Renewables with focus on Solar, Storage and Hydrogen Energy.”

  • Shyam Yahdav
    Shyam Yahdav
    Managing Director - Clenergize

    Shyam Yadav is the founder and MD of Clenergize Solar Consultants. He has grown the firm to be one of the leading Solar consulting firms in the region with over 500MW of projects in GCC alone. The firm has grown in the last 5 years with several landmark projects such as Pepsi, Aramex, Emirates etc. Shyam has a background in Engineering and oversees a team comprising of Technical, Financial and Legal experts who provide a one-stop advisory service to end users, developers and contractors in the solar industry. The firm is active in UAE, Oman, KSA, Europe and covers the scope of – Owners/Lenders Engineering, Design Packages, Project and Construction Management, Audits and Financial Advisory”

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